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More Visitors = More Traffic = More Leads = More Sales

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Yes, You Do Need SEO

Having a website is not enough. Search engine optimization or SEO means letting people and search engines like Google know that your website exists and that you have relevant and important things to provide for the masses.

SEO ranks highest, with growing importance, as a source of leads for businesses. Running SEO means increasing “free” targeted traffic to your website – as opposed to getting instant, but paid, traffic through search engine advertising.

With SEO, you can make your business more visible online, resulting in new clients and increased sales. The good news is that iNovate Marketing, Inc. can help you with this – we provide effective SEO services in Wisconsin.

SEO Services You Need 

As a trusted SEO company in Wisconsin, we offer the following services:

  • On-page SEO

We will make your website searchable through on-page content and metadata optimization.

  • Off-page SEO

We will build back links to your website, increasing its authority level. We will do that by creating blog outreach articles that use your website URL as an authority link.

  • SEO Reports

Our SEO strategies are all based on research. We will provide you with regular SEO reports, rank monitoring, and other analytics to help you track your campaign.

  • Social Media Marketing

Our social media team will help your business regularly appear on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We analyze the algorithms of these platforms to maximize the marketing opportunities they provide.

  • Local SEO

We will make your website visible to people near your location. With business listings, Google reviews, Geo-tags, and other local SEO strategies, we will make you accessible to the potential clients in and around your area.

Let’s work together and you’ll receive more inquiries about your business! Contact us today to get started.

Google Dominates, and So Do We

Since Google is by far the leading search engine, accounting for more than 60 percent of all searches, effective SEO demands a deep understanding of Google’s intricate algorithms and ranking factors. These are continually being developed to display the most relevant search results to users.

It is critical to align with Google’s best practices, and this also means exceeding the standards of Yahoo and Bing. We keep current with Google’s requirements and up to date with its frequent changes.

The internet has grown significantly over the last 10 years.









91% of users report using search engines frequently, with Google having the largest market share at 67%.

Click-Through Rates (CTR)

The rank of your webpage on Google is important because higher rankings result in a higher click-through rate (CTR).

CTR is the number of times people click on the search engine results to go to your site over the number of times your site appears to them (impressions) on search results.

Higher CTR means more visitors, more leads, more conversions.

SEO performed properly results in higher rankings for your website for relevant searches, with the ultimate goal of achieving the #1 position on the first page of Google. The higher your website is ranked on search engine results pages, the higher the CTR, resulting in greater number of visits to your website.

SEO involves the application of thorough guidelines and proficient techniques in the design, architecture, coding, content, promotion, linking, localization, personalization and socialization of your website.

In a nutshell, if you are selling car accessories, such as steering wheels, and we have identified “car steering wheels for sale” as a good target keyword or phrase for you – then your webpages should start ranking high on search engines when people type “car steering wheels for sale” as a search query (or close variations on it).



So what does this mean?

If 20 people searched for your site, and your site ranks on page 1 of Google, 17.16 of those people would click on your website. As you can see, projected CTR is higher as your page rank increases.

So what does this mean?

If 20 people searched for your site, and your site ranks on page one of Google, 17.16 of those people would click on your website. As you can see, projected CTR is higher as your page rank increases.

What are your competitors doing?

Your competitors are ramping up their SEO efforts to boost website traffic and lead generation.

Do it. Now.

It is never too late to implement SEO – but the best time to do it is NOW. The earlier we start SEO for you, the faster and the better you will be positioned against your competitors. SEO will remain a potent part of the online marketers’ arsenal for many, many years to come. It is a basic and necessary ingredient to a successful online marketing strategy.


Business that will increase their SEO budget over the next 12 months


Businesses that will continue to invest in SEO in the coming year.

Keyword & On-Page SEO Research & Analysis

We make sure that the effort we put into your SEO campaign focuses on returning optimal results, and so we identify target keywords by performing keyword research and analysis. This will also include analysis of your current rankings, as well as that of your competitors, using specialized software and manual assessment.

On-Page Website Optimization

We perform optimization of all on-page elements, including page titles and meta tags, header tags and content; keyword usage in content, links and anchor texts; URLs and navigation, and XML sitemaps. We also integrate and install Google Webmasters and Google Analytics.

Content Generation & Optimization

We provide on-page and off-page content generation, such as press release writing, company updates, industry news, coupon promotion and custom content. These are optimized with the correct application of links, anchor texts and keyword usage.

Speed Optimization & Security

This includes page load, image, static content cache, global content delivery network and mobile user optimization. Security measures include static content up-time security, SSL encryption and optimization, comment spam and malware and content scraping protection.

External Blog Social Interaction

We will perform social sharing of your external blogs, research opportunities for engagement and then execute participation in social discussions while placing links leading to your site.

Account Setups

For strong social signals, we will establish all social media accounts (or modify current ones) for a cohesive brand presence. We cover all major social platforms, as well as off-site blog accounts. This service covers content development as well as analytics for optimal reach to your target audience.

Onsite Blog & Authorship Configuration

We set up G+ authorship and publisher markup tags with your blogs for good G+ signals. We upload blog articles from you, categorize and tag them as part of optimization to ensure that if your content is ever duplicated, you will not be penalized by Google.

Content Distribution

We distribute generated content through social networking and social sharing platforms, as well as off-site blogs and press release publications, if applicable.