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We’re not afraid to take on your competition. We’re not afraid to do what it takes to get the kind of exposure you need. And we’re not afraid of hard work.

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Think about it. When you’re trying to get the word out about your business, you don’t want weak marketing. You want – you need – a marketing company that will jump in the ring for you.

That’s iNovate Marketing, iNc.

Here’s what you need from us.

Our Services

Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance You Can’t Live Without

Our expert web designers and developers know what attracts clients. From color, to layout to content, we’ve got the right people to create a website visitors remember – and in a good way. You tell us who your target market is, and we’ll get them to your website and keep them there. Not only that, we’ll host your site on secure servers and make sure your site stays running smoothly, gets essential updates and is regularly monitored.

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SEO You Can’t Do Without

SEO is what keeps the visitors coming. It’s about keywords. It’s about backlinks. It’s about social profiles. It’s about analytics. It’s about the kind of constant attention we give to your site and to you so you will always know what’s going on with your traffic, who’s reading what and how to move forward with conversions.

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Content Marketing You Can’t Get Known Without

You’re not blogging. You’re not keeping up with your social media. You’re not sending out newsletters regularly. Basically, you’re not doing what needs to be done to keep you front and center. That’s why you’re not getting the kind of name recognition or credibility you need. We’ve got top-notch, experienced content developers and marketers that handle all this for you. And it will be done on time, consistently.

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Branding You Can’t Grow Without

Your brand. It needs to be strong, consistent, effective. We’re the agency to help you develop your brand, get it recognizable, make it memorable. Here’s how it’s done. We’ll ask you about your values, your mission, your goals, your appearance, all the things that go into branding. Then we’ll integrate those into a full-blown marketing plan.

We’re responsive…and so are our websites.


The last thing you need is to invest in a website with SEO, only to have the company disappear. That’s what’s out there – a lot of fly-by-nights that take your money and run. You’ll never have that worry with iNovate Marketing. When we say we’ll jump in the ring for you, we’re there for the long haul.

Our Websites

When we say our websites are responsive, we mean your visitors will not have difficulties reading text, viewing product galleries or viewing pricing and comparison tables, reports, photos and videos, regardless of whether they are using a desktop computer, a laptop or devices with smaller screens such as smart phones and tablets.

Clients Love

Our fun and efficient customer service.


We provide website training and quick response support.

Years of Experience

We have 10+ years of website development and marketing experience.

Results Driven

We strive to bring you the best website and numbers possible.  We take your performance personally.


"Use them...they are good" - Please watch this video says it all.

Peter Hollens

, One Voice Productions

We have found iNovate Marketing to be proactive, looking for ways to promote our business and boost our visibility.  We appreciate the courteous and timely manner in which they handle our questions and website needs.  They continually offer ideas and understand SEO marketing.

Samantha Sikorski

, Sikorski Hearing Aid Center

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