“When you are a mom boss you have about 82 browser tabs open in your brain at any given moment – did you send the proposal, what’s on for dinner, I need to sign up kids for summer camp, is my social media scheduled, I have to switch the credit card… The gift we have as women is this insane ability to still function through it all. It asks a lot of us, and we give a lot, but the reward of being their mom and showing them how they too can achieve the dream of running their own business is worth every open browser tab.” –  Kristina Romero, WP Care Market

“I used to think that running a business would help me achieve that elusive work-life balance. Little did I know… some weeks are perfectly balanced and I feel AMAZING. Some weeks are like this one, with a field trip two days and in-school activities for my oldest two days, volunteer duties at the school several hours on different days, and client projects that take a steep turn. Balance was not achieved this week, but my kids know I love them, and my clients know I’ve got things moving. And I know my kids are seeing an example of an imperfect mom who keeps on going to achieve her goals. I’m grateful for the opportunity to embrace it all.” –  Terri Tutich, beyond the office

“To be a mom and have a business, I just have to let myself feel all the feels. Fulfilled. Crazed. Extremely satisfied. Chronically uncertain. And do it all anyway, despite any self-doubt. Because who better to do it?! Mostly, I’m just SO GRATEFUL that I live in this time when it’s totally possible to be a mom and have a thriving business. To have my cake and eat it, too. To be on the phone with a client, then have my kids peek in and say hi before heading back out to play. 10 or 20 years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. And best of all, I get to show my KIDS what’s possible for them, too. That they can decide to shoot for something and work hard at it and achieve it. Nothing beats that!”  —Jennie Lakenan

‘What they said plus it fills your heart watching things grow, navigating the chaos, winning, failing to be resilient, being a shambles, thinking everyone else does it all so well but really knowing they’re probably not getting out of the car ‘cause they’re wearing pajama pants too’  -Judith Love

‘Having my own business allows me to be as close to the kind of mom I want to be as I can. My spouse has a job he loves, but he travels for work and can be relocated with little warning, so when we had a baby, we had to rethink our careers. I left my corporate job when I realized that it would never be flexible enough for raising my kiddo the way we wanted to. While there’s been a lot of struggle, and frustration and entire days derailed by the unexpected, I’m outrageously grateful that running my own business gives my family the freedom to handle life the way we decide” –  Kate Townie Smith