Landing pages. Do they kind of mess with your head? Sometimes business owners feel that way if they’re not used to having a landing page or they run into one.

It’s because landing pages are their own beast. They aren’t quite ads, they aren’t quite websites, and they aren’t quite what you might expect, especially if you’re familiar with the business putting out the page.

All of this means that most people creating landing pages could use a little direction. Well, you asked for it, you got it. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when you’re developing a landing page.

Capture their focus with simple layouts.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Prepare for Landing (Pages)Landing pages shouldn’t have a ton of graphics. They should include your logo and colors and designs similar to your main website (for branding purposes). They should have just the basics presented in an easy-to-digest format. Don’t use buttons with external links – you don’t want to send visitors off the page. This is a concentrated marketing effort. You’re not really trying to get people to your main website. Your primary goal is to get them to one page and keep them there long enough to make the conversion. To do this, you need to keep design simple.

Capture their attention with interesting copy.

If you think you’ve got limited time to draw readers in on a website, wait’ll you write landing page copy. You’ve got about five seconds to grab them with words that bring them to your call to action. There are techniques to do this. One way is to use wording similar to that used in the ad you created to get them to the landing page. Sometimes that’s a special offer. Sometimes it’s a giveaway. Another way is to use keywords they used in their search that got them to the landing page. Then you’ve got to write short, punchy sentences. Be concise. Be bold. Be polished. Be unique.

Capture their eyes and ears with a brief video.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Prepare for Landing (Pages)Statistically, video on landing pages converts. But it’s gotta be short and sweet, like the content. More than a minute or so and you’ve lost them (especially if they’re at work). It also has to be a professional video. A-la-cheese isn’t going to cut it, so forget the DIY cell phone stuff. If you’re going to bother to invest in a marketing campaign – and your landing page is part of that campaign – do it right.

Capture their information with a short form.

Unless you’re the IRS, any form that requires more than the basics is too much. Your visitors don’t have time or patience for forms. Get their name, company, email address and website URL. Make anything else optional. If you’re requesting detailed information, don’t be shocked when you don’t get it. Your goal is to get them to allow you to contact them. That’s really it.

Okay, all this sounds simple, right? Surprise. It’s not. And there’s more to it than what we’ve just described. Sorry.

There’s an art and science to creating successful landing pages. Let iNovate Marketing, iNc give you a hand. We’ve got website developers, SEO experts, PPC professionals and graphic designers on board to make your landing page the best it can be. What you do with the information after you get it is your business. What you do to get visitors there and keep them there is ours. Give us a shout for help. We’ll answer.