When you are doing your website optimization, don’t forget that your homepage needs special love too. Your homepage is your first impression that people have with your business. Just like you want to look impressive for a job interview, you want your homepage to look just as impressive. Here are things that you can do to optimize your page to really showcase the products or services you are famous for.

Make your important information show in your hero shot.

What is a hero shot? The hero shot is the area that is above the fold of your website. Think of a newspaper. They print the most important news on the front page above where the paper is folded. They use this to get your attention right away and make you want to purchase a paper to read more. This is also true of your website. You want to make sure that your most valuable information is above the fold, or above the middle line, of your website.

Should your homepage have dynamic or static elements?

This question could go either way or both ways. Dynamic elements are elements that move and catch attention. This could be a slider or a moving graphic. Static elements don’t move and are still images. You want to make sure you catch the viewer’s attention, but you want the right attention. You don’t want to have too much movement on the site or it will look too busy and lose the viewers interest. The same can be said about static elements. If there is no movement on the page you have no way to direct their attention to the products, or services, you want to highlight.

Determine how your header navigation will work.

Most websites have the same navigation type throughout the entire site. There are options though. You can have the navigation bar across the top or along the side. It is all going to depend on how you have your pages set up as to which style will work best for your site.

Create a specific value proposition.

This is where you really pitch your company to your potential customer. This statement should tell why they should hire you instead of your competitors. Your value proposition should show what makes your company special. Your value proposition should be above the fold and be easy to see.

Adding video is a good thing.

Videos are an easy way to get attention. People love to watch videos and they would rather watch a quick video of what your business does before they read your pages. This isn’t the usual option for e-commerce stores, but it could enhance your site as it would give you a chance to showcase your products in use.

Make sure you have a primary CTA.

Your CTA (Call To Action) should stand out on your page. This is the action you want your viewer to do. It could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting you for more questions. This is an important element to your website, so make it bold and forefront on your page.

Include your testimonials.

Don’t forget to put testimonials on your homepage. This is typically done on a slider and can be towards the top but is usually found just under your CTA. These testimonials are important as they show potential customers what other buyers are saying about your product. This could be the tipping point that convinces them to buy.

Your homepage is your main sales pitch to the viewer. You want them to be impressed with your product or service and to make a purchase. By making sure your homepage is as optimized as possible to showcase your business, you will get the attention and revenue your business deserves.