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7 Touches Towards Conversion

Are you waiting for a big sale to come through your website? Don’t. Does that sound strange coming from a company that provides SEO? Maybe. But here are two other things to think about: We’re...

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No SEO Could Cost You Your Future

We’re fully aware that the title of this blog is pretty dramatic. No one really thinks of SEO as affecting their future that much. Except when the site visitors drop off (or never show up in the...

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Facebook Ad = Lead = Conversion = Revenue

Now here’s a myth for you. Put a picture of a house on a Facebook ad. Stick “for sale” on there somewhere. Describe the house a little, link it to your website and BAM. You just sold a big- ticket...

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Blog Article Not SEO Friendly? Shame on You!

Let’s talk. Your blog articles. You think they’re pretty good, right? You’ve done your research, you’ve verified your facts and you’ve spell checked so many times that even what you’ve spelled...

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