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Being A Mom Boss

  “When you are a mom boss you have about 82 browser tabs open in your brain at any given moment – did you send the proposal, what’s on for dinner, I need to sign up kids for...

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Web Teams vs DIY Sites.

You know you have been thinking about it; your first website. I see you sitting there… It’s late night; you’re surfing on the TV. You stop on an advertisement for “DIY” web builder. It’s almost like...

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Why Do you Need Brand Optimization?

Did you know that sixty-two percent (62%) of your potential customers prefer to buy products from familiar brands rather than switch to a new one? You need to build your brand to get potential...

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April Fools’ Marketing

It’s April and that means it’s April Fools’ time. Celebrated on April 1st, April Fools’ Day has been a long-standing holiday that is celebrated by playing pranks, tricks, and sending people on...

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Homepage Optimization

When you are doing your website optimization, don’t forget that your homepage needs special love too. Your homepage is your first impression that people have with your business. Just like you want...

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Site-wide Optimization

When you have a business website you want to make sure your optimization is on point and to ensure your site will generate leads and sales for your business. You don’t always have to hire a...

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Fact or Fiction: SEO Myths Explained Part 2

Welcome to part two of our series Fact or Fiction: SEO Myths Explained. This will be the final blog for this series. In our last blog, we went over six myths about SEO. Today we will be going over...

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Fact or Fiction: SEO Myths Explained Part 1

Everyone has heard of SEO but how much of what you have heard is true? Everyone has an idea of how SEO works but business should know the truth about SEO and understand how it REALLY works. Trust...

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Overcome 9 Most Common Sales Objections

When you work in sales, objections are the name of the game. An objection is a reason the customer gives to end the sales pitch. You must be ready to overcome those objections and learn how to steer...

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