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Fact or Fiction: SEO Myths Explained Part 2

Welcome to part two of our series Fact or Fiction: SEO Myths Explained. This will be the final blog for this series. In our last blog, we went over six myths about SEO. Today we will be going over...

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Fact or Fiction: SEO Myths Explained Part 1

Everyone has heard of SEO but how much of what you have heard is true? Everyone has an idea of how SEO works but business should know the truth about SEO and understand how it REALLY works. Trust...

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Overcome 9 Most Common Sales Objections

When you work in sales, objections are the name of the game. An objection is a reason the customer gives to end the sales pitch. You must be ready to overcome those objections and learn how to steer...

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Using Hashtags to Your Advantage

The history of the hashtag is a long one.   It started as an abbreviation for pound in the 14th century, hence the name pound sign.  Today it has been renamed as a hashtag.  This craze started in...

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Your Business Needs a Spa Day

Your Business Needs a Spa Day Your business works hard for you every day. Sure, you give it money and everything it needs but sometimes it’s nice to do that little bit of extra care for your...

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Not All Hosting Is Created Equal

When you have kids and are looking for childcare you do in-depth research on each daycare and backgrounds on each baby sitter.  You wouldn’t trust your child to just anyone, so why trust your...

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Are You Sure You Want to Take This On?

You own a business and much like when you own a home, it requires a lot of work and upkeep for that business to keep running.  When you own your own home, you want the yard and the outside of your...

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Get An Affordable New Website for 2018

It’s becoming that time of year again where we start thinking of the new year coming up and what we want to make different from the previous year.  2018 is coming up fast and you want to start your...

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