Strategic Local SEO Services in Wisconsin

Local SEO has become one of the trendiest digital marketing strategies today. People who live near the location of your business are, after all, the best demographic to target. Several businesses, however, fail to maximize the potential of their local SEO in Wisconsin, and many have no campaign, at all. But if you work with us, we will help strengthen your SEO campaign just by focusing on the people in and around the area of your restaurant, shop, or office.

iNovate Marketing, Inc. offers the following local SEO services:

  • Google+ My Business creation

Creating a business page on Google+ is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to boost your local SEO campaign. Many small enterprises, however, find it difficult to use and navigate through the Google+ My Business platform. Our team will create a My Business page for you and guide you in using this tool to promote your brand.

  • Local citations or directories

We will help you list your business in all the major directories on the web, such as Google, Bing, and Yellow Pages. Our team will likewise ensure that your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) details are consistent across all directories. The consistency of NAP details is crucial in keeping a strong local SEO campaign, so we will help you update the directories, as well, once you’ve made changes to your business information.

  • Local pack or local search results

Google displays a pack of local businesses for specific, location-based searches. With our expertise in an array of local SEO strategies, we will help you rank higher on Google, as well as get into that most coveted pack of search results.

Among other digital marketing strategies, local SEO has the most power to immediately drive foot traffic to your business. Just imagine someone searching for a pizza place in your area, and you, the pizza shop owner, ranking on top of the serach results. When you have a strong local SEO campaign, that particular searcher is more likely enter your restaurant – or whatever business establishment you may have – minutes or hours after he or she clicked your website on Google. This means a new client (or new clients!) and increased sales for your business!

SEO for Small Businesses

As mentioned, local SEO is your best bet if you want to quickly increase foot traffic in your business. This strategy is, in fact, most beneficial to small businesses. With local SEO, mom-and-pop shops don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for TV, radio, and newspaper ads. They just have to boost their local SEO campaign to be visible on a more popular marketing platform — the world wide web.

In a way, SEO helps level the competition between the small enterprises and huge corporations in the business industry. No matter how small your business is, you can receive major results from local SEO. This is especially true when you get help from a professional provider of SEO for small businesses in Wisconsin; which is, by the way, not as expensive as the traditional ad agency. These professionals will also keep your local SEO campaign healthy and strong every month, so you can focus on growing your business, instead.

Start boosting your local SEO, today! Call us now to get started.