As you come up to 2019 holiday campaigns, we want to make sure that you guys are ready for a viral marketing campaign. The entire goal is to take any campaign you do and scientifically make sure that we can get it as viral as possible. With close to 1.4 billion people on Facebook every month, more and more business owners are now looking at viral marketing as a strategy to quickly reach out to a large number of new users. Viral marketing is not a hit or miss strategy anymore. According to the University of Pennsylvania, there are five essential traits for content to go viral. There must be interest, be positive, be actionable, be surprising, and be intense. 

Growth Hacking.

The immense gain from viral marketing has become so large that has spun off a whole new category of marketing called growth hacking. Growth hackers typically identify different elements in your marketing and framework that can be tweaked to create a higher and larger virtual reach among consumers. While this is not always the case,  when creating marketing campaigns the objection ultimately boils down to the same thing: create something to get your website or brand shared exponentially.

Building traffic out.

I know you’re asking how do we do it? Well, there is no exact guide book to make your campaign successful. We have actually created a guide of everything that we have seen on all of the viral marketing campaigns that we have worked with or have followed. 

Step 0: Groundwork that has to be done. 

When you see large campaigns that go viral with a flip of a switch, that isn’t done by accident, the groundwork was laid for months and months on end before that campaign went live. So because of this, campaigns that go viral are not done every day. However, when it does happen, we must try to make the most of it. So in the groundwork, you make sure that your website is able to withstand a load of hundreds of thousands of hits at one time. This is making sure that your host, as well as other caching systems,  are spread out throughout the world, so your content is always available to whoever goes to the website. When websites go down and you’re finally being viral, that is the worst thing that can happen.

Step 1: Make sure your content will create opportunities.

It would be a mistake to just create the content for the sake of creating content without knowing what has the potential of going viral. Okay. Using an assumption that you follow other people in your industry on other networks and platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other channels. Gauge what they have done on their viral successes as a gauge for what will be another step to being successful for yourself.

Step 2: Identify newsworthy information.

When creating a campaign you need to identify newsworthy pieces from either controversial or trending news that’s current. For example, if you are in the computer industry selling computers and a\Apple has just announced the birth of their newest laptop, then you want to launch a campaign that runs alongside their campaign. If you’re in the field of medicine and the ice bucket challenge had come out, you then have the ability and opportunity to discuss what the ice bucket challenge is about, Figure out the upcoming buzzworthy viral news items and that will set you off with numerous different ideas for your viral marketing campaign.

Step 3: Have the proper strategy. 

You must have a proper viral strategy. So no matter how amazing the content is, you have to make sure you have a proper seating strategy. This can include not just spending money on Facebook or Google to get initial targeted shares. Having your own employees or contractors share inside of their own personal network and partnering up with the larger name in the industry to have them share it. And it is very important to have multiple platforms in place to make this happen.

Step 4: Brainstorm.

Now that you have figured all of that out, you know the content, you know the trends, and you know the news. Start brainstorming using the content and the news that you have come up with to create the theme or your viral marketing campaign. Figure out does text content work better than videos or are videos the way to go?. Does your avatar prefer lighthearted viral videos or serious and fascinating? You now have the ability to decide if you’re going to invest in a blog, a meme, Facebook ads, Google ads, a video, et cetera. 

Step 5: Make sure you invest in high-quality output.

Now it is true that amateur content can and will be shared as long as there’s some correct emotional connection or other aspects to draw somebody to it. However, these are not sustainable and is not necessarily the correct way to market a business idea or brand. Invest in a high-quality product. It could be video, blog, content, image, et cetera. It must have that emotional trigger that we talked about before.

Step 6: Monitor your marketing campaign.

This is the last and most important step. There is a ton of science behind every successful digital marketing campaign regardless of it’s a onetime launch, a viral campaign, et cetera. However, science does not necessarily guarantee that you are successful at all times. So the most important thing that you must do is measure the performance, understand what worked and what did not work, and use those lessons deploying your next campaign. Keep in mind, nothing in life is guaranteed. However, the more you can build your infrastructure and your ad campaigns, the potential growth that you will have is amazing.


If you follow these steps you have a better chance of having a very successful campaign. Remember, growing your traffic and growing your business is the goal. Make sure your content has those five essential traits: interest, be positive, be actionable, be surprising, and be intense. With this information, you should be well on your way to a successful viral marketing campaign.